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What Is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping or a mystery buyer or mystery shopper, is a tool utilized remotely by statistical surveying organizations, watchdog associations, or inside by organizations themselves to gauge nature of administration, or agreeability with regulation, or to assemble particular data about items and services. The mystery shopper’s particular personality and intention is for the most part […]

Doctors agree: Long Term Care Insurance is a smart move

A recent radio program featured interviews with various experts in the field of health care and elder care on the subject of Long Term Care Insurance. Though approaching the subject from various angles, including a Long Term Care Insurance professional, a caregiver, a life coach, physical therapist, among others, they all agree that proper planning […]

The Road to Becoming a Mystery Shopper

The concept of being a mystery shopper is no mystery. It is a big part of market research. You will act as a watchdog where you will observe how employees treat their ‘regular’ customers. In some cases, there is very specific information that you have to gather during the job. You may be requested to […]