The Road to Becoming a Mystery Shopper

The concept of being a mystery shopper is no mystery. It is a big part of market research. You will act as a watchdog where you will observe how employees treat their ‘regular’ customers. In some cases, there is very specific information that you have to gather during the job. You may be requested to ask certain questions or behave in a certain way and then provide feedback.

If you are a natural observer and an avid shopper, here are 5 steps to becoming a mystery shopper.

Step 1

Look for Legitimate Companies
You can find several ads looking for mystery shoppers. Once you get the name of the company, research on it and read comments and reviews from previous shoppers. If a company is asking you for a certain fee before you can get the job that should raise a red flag for you. These companies ought to pay you and not ask money from you. Looking for legitimate offers is probably the hardest thing to accomplish because there are truly many scams and shams that revolves around this type of job on the web.

Step 2

Apply Online
You must fill out an application form (usually online) to start presenting yourself to various companies that look for mystery shoppers. There are no special skills needed, just a knack for shopping and a keen eye for observation. Following directions is also crucial and you should have a talent in conveying what you observe in correct English.

Step 3

Prepare what you need
You basically need some internet access to check on your email every now and then for job offers coming your way. Most companies follow the first come, first serve rule. So if you check your email only once a month, chances are you won’t get any job at all. Some companies also require reports to be submitted via email. So make sure you have your gadgets and your connection ready.

Step 4

Shop and Do Your Job
Shopping. How hard can it be? Everyone does it every day. Once you are hired, get ready to do your shopping. This job allows you to purchase items at no cost or try out services for free. How cool is that? You can even dine out with a friend or your partner without paying a cent. There are some companies that may look for people who have some experience in similar jobs. It is recommended that you get as many jobs as you can, even those that are low paying ones, and charge it to experience.

Step 5

Complete Your Report
After shopping, make sure that you jot down notes for your report as soon as you can. Don’t wait till you get home before you do because you might end up forgetting what you observed. Your information should be accurate and your report should not be biased. Read what you wrote down, proofread and read again. Make sure you check grammatical errors, spelling and sentence structure. You should send your message across in a clear and simple manner.

Following the 5 steps to becoming a mystery shopper will surely help you land on this one-of-a-kind job faster than you think.

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